With security at your side – The individual investment system of CATUS AG

We at CATUS AG accompany you in every phase of life when it comes to financial decisions. And in a world like this, where money is the universal currency, there are seemingly endless possibilities.

When making financial decisions, the most important thing is to make them calmly. You’re in charge. Because what you do with your money, what you invest it in and how much, remains your own decision at all times. We have the experience and licensing to support you.

From traditional financial planning and sustainable investments to children’s and grandchildren’s savings plans. With us you will find a contact person for every problem, every question, who will accompany you in making the right decision.

As long as you are comfortable, we have done our job right. Due to our social attitude it is possible to invest your money already from a monthly savings amount of 200€. You don’t have to have millions in your bank account. What counts for us is the long-term support of our customers.

Would you like to find out about your current financial situation? If so, we would like to invite you to a free initial consultation, during which we will find out together where and how you would like your money to work in the future.To the point:
CATUS AG ensures that you benefit personally from the opportunities offered by the financial markets. With a tailor-made investment system that is geared to your individual wishes and specifications!

Security through legal regulations

  • Catus AG is a licensed financial portfolio manager according to § 15 WpIG (German Banking Act – Licence No.: V II 2 (117854)).
  • Catus AG is supervised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).
  • The customers’ money is deposited with a bank that is a member of the Bank Guarantee Fund. There the account is in the name of the customer
  • The asset manager has limited transaction authority.
    That is, withdrawals are possible only to the account of the customer
    (Liability of the Custodian Bank)

Security through contractual agreement

  • Compliance with the investment guidelines specified by the client is regularly checked by CATUS AG.
  • Catus AG is liable for compliance with the client’s risk specifications.

Careful market analysis

Active portfolio management requires two things above all: comprehensive information on the development of the markets and a careful analysis of past and expected developments. CATUS AG therefore invests a great deal of energy and strength in this fundamental work.
Because only those who are well informed can make good decisions![/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner]

Individual investment system

An investment system tailored to the individual needs of the client guarantees tailor-made asset management. High-volatility but also high-yield assets can be combined with safe investments in such a way that return and risk are in the ratio you desire. You can choose between four risk levels.

Portfolio analysis

You have the option of having your existing portfolio analysed by us according to investment-relevant criteria. This brings transparency to your portfolio, the basis for optimised investment assets

Control possibility at any time

Your securities accounts are always held with reputable banks in your name and managed by us. You have the security of being in control of your assets at all times and a daily overview of their status.

Advantage flexibility

Thanks to our good relationships with renowned banks and our flat corporate hierarchy, even short-term price developments that come to our attention immediately as a result of our continuous market observation can be taken into account simply and quickly, i.e. without delay.

Advantage remuneration

CATUS AG charges a portfolio-dependent management fee. If an agreed return is achieved, CATUS AG also receives a percentage share in the success of the portfolio development. We pass on discounts from banks and capital management companies to you, which leads to considerable cost reductions.

Seminars and lectures

we offer on request on the following topics:

  • How do I find the investment that suits me?
  • Private financial planning
  • Investment 50 plus
  • Security in investment
  • Sustainable investments