“The Marathon Runner”: Via Calma Index Savings Plan

  • Perseverance is rewarded
  • Goes steadily forward
  • Lets the impatient ones pass because he knows he’ll catch up and overtake them all again over the long distance
  • He can easily withstand bad stock market phases, as he is used to these phases and can develop his greatest potential for strength here! The longer this phase lasts, the more successful he will be in the end.

Suitable for

  • For the beginner
  • For children and grandchildren’s savings plans
  • For the very security-conscious investor who likes it quiet and avoids any excitement when investing money

“The Cunning Leopard”: Via Calma Savings Plan

  • He doesn’t move much
  • He waits for the opportunity / the chance / the best conditions
    • but then he strikes, mercilessly.
  • He knows what he’s doing
    • He’s way ahead of the others in knowledge and experience…
    • He uses everything purposefully with the prospect of very large profit / return
  • Still, he’s not taking any chances
    • He is not a hasardeur / not a gambler
    • He is brave not reckless
    • He always has a backup built in / a reserve up his sleeve in everything he does.
    • To the outsider, he’s a slacker with luck, but that’s not true at all.
  • He has worked hard to acquire his knowledge, his skill, and even his extraordinarily great experience is the sum of many failures
    • of many wide-ranging trials
    • from many conversations with expert friends who willingly shared their own wealth of experience and knowledge with him.

Suitable for

  • For the young, dynamic investor who wants to experience something, who also wants to have the thrill of investing when his savings are withdrawn.
  • For the investor who wants to talk about his investment with friends, like about climbing a mountain, skydiving in Tyrol, or sailing in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean

“The Do-gooder”: Via Verde Savings Plan

  • Has a clear goal in mind
  • Walks a deliberately rocky path
  • He consciously accepts more pain and hardship because it is the right way.
  • The effort expended is very high, as many financial investments are sorted out, are not suitable
  • Constant checks are made to see whether one is still on the right track, whether one’s investments meet one’s own ecological and social requirements.
  • Goes steadily and powerfully
  • No crisis, no period of weakness can discourage him
  • He is never alone, the support and help is constantly present
  • He knows that he can only win in the long run and he is convinced that he will overtake everyone else because he is on the right track.

Suitable for

  • For all investors who invest their funds with great awareness and a strong depth for social and environmental issues
  • Almost mandatory for children and grandchildren’s savings plans
  • For those who combine the “marathon runner” with a more ecological / sustainable component.